Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Models!

Yesterday, when I came home from school the first thing that I blurted was "Mom, did a package come for me?"
My mom stood and pondered the question for a second while I waited for an answer. The second yes came out of her lips, I was out the door, bringing my package inside (I come into the house from the garage, so I don't see anything on the front porch).
I bought them from Seunta, and they were well packed and are clean castings (Yay!).
I had been watching and looking at the loping Amity for a while. Performance? Yes!

I had also been looking at the Moo-Ya. Because no one can have too many cows.

I bought the two models and found out that there was a buy two get another free! So I picked another pony, and Arcane is the one that came. Sw-oon!
After having a horrible school day, having models come will turn a day completely around.